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Boot fitting

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Your feet are in expert hands

At Montagne Attitude, we set great store by your well-being, especially the comfort of your feet.

Trust us with your feet thanks to our boot-fitting service!

Sidas is specialized in developing products and technologies for foot comfort in sports. We've won the brand's trust, being one of only 20 shops in France to have earned the "Black Project" label.

Thermoformed soles and liners, deformed shells... Place your boots in the skilled hands of our Sidas Comform'able-certified experts.

To ski in comfort you need boots perfectly suited to your morphology.

Your skis just like new

In our workshop, your equipment is also pampered.

Our experts stone-grind your ski bases, sharpen your edges, and wax your skis and snowboards. They also fine tune your bindings.

In short, a complete safety check is carried out, and all of our rental equipment is in the same manner made new again prior to every outing.

At your service, to simplify your life

We go out of our way for you to enjoy a worry-free stay.

No need to come pick up your equipment: we can deliver it to you at your hotel or at the Club Med, in the Tignes resort.

Our shop also offers an over-night storage service, so you don't have to stress carrying your skis and boots from the pistes to your accommodation!

Before purchasing your equipment, don't hesitate to try it out first: that way, you're sure to buy exactly what you need.

Thanks to our full range of services, enjoy the "Montagne Attitude".